About Us

Hi! I’m Tom

My family and I have been guardians for many pets over the years. We currently have two Boston terriers, and a tortoise named Octavia.

Our dapple dachshund recently went over the rainbow bridge at age 17. Many years ago we owned an American Eskimo who lived to 18 years old.

I grew up with animals. As a kid, I spent my summers camping, fishing, and helping with the Holstein cows on a dairy farm.

Childhood included multiple aquarium tanks that held anything that moved or hopped around our neighborhood and even helped hatch and raise praying mantids.

As an adult, I have enjoyed a prolific and healthy array of freshwater fish in some cool aquarium setups, a ferret, an American Eskimo dog, and even two rabbits that our daughter showed at the stock show.

We are not veterinarians or experts when it comes to animals, but we are eager learners. This site is a collection of information, experience, and recommendations from more qualified folks as we continue to learn more about the pets we encounter.

Read our terms and disclaimers page for all the legalese. When you’re done with that, check out the information articles, products, and funny stories.

Why are you called 903Pets?

Great question! Here’s the honest answer.

We had a really hard time finding a domain name we liked and still be a .com domain. After weeks of trying to figure it out, I saw a truck pulling out of our local Tractor Supply store as I was pulling in. On the side of the truck, it said 903Plumbing. Boom! That was it, 903Pets was born.

That still doesn’t answer why “903”.

It’s pretty simple. 903 is the area code for the Tyler, TX area which is where we started this site. East Texas, Baby!

Out here, we get to watch cattle graze and birth their calves. We’ll occasionally see a coyote.

There is a family of red-bellied woodpeckers that frequent our trees, and our gutters. We get to enjoy birds like the Eastern Bluebird, Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, White-Breasted Nuthatch, and more.

Be on the lookout for Copperhead snakes though as the weather warms up. 🙂