Recommended Tortoise Supplies

Over the years, we’ve come to trust certain products. That means we’ve tried other products and they did not meet with our approval.

We want to guide you from making the same mistake we did and have an even better experience with your tortoise.

Below are products we have found to be a good value and hope you will find the same.


When it comes to supplementing the lighting and UVB needs of your tortoise, we’ve tried and tested too many products to count. We’ve found the following tortoise lighting products to provide the best value for a variety of situations.

Not sure what you need, check out our tortoise lighting guide.

Best UVA/UVB Bulb – Tube Type

Reptisun T5HO

No matter which length you choose, this UVB tube light will give your tortoise lots of good UVB rays. Remember, a good bulb gives UVB that is needed in order for your tortoise to produce vitamin D3 which help them get the calcium they need to stay healthy.

Best UVA/UVB Bulb – Bulb Type

PowerSun 100W

This is a two for one bulb. You get high-quality UVB light combined with heat from the Mercury vapor nature of this bulb. Remember, keeping the right temperature for the basking area is important for a healthy tortoise.


If your tortoise is kept indoors, substrate is super important. Think about it, they are walking on it, digging in it, and sleeping in it all day long. You need it to be deep enough, and made from the right materials to keep your tortoise happy and healthy. Having tried many products, here’s what we trust most for tortoise substrates.

Best Tortoise Enclosure Substrate

EcoEarth Coconut Coir

EcoEarth coconut fiber makes some of the best tortoise enclosure substrates and you can even get it delivered now via Amazon. (Go Prime Membership for free shipping) This substrate can last well over a month with good daily maintenance practices. Keep your tortoise happy with the right substrate.

Habitat Environment Accessories

For both indoor and outdoor tortoises, their habitat is critical to their development, health, and well-being. Maintaining environmental conditions appropriate for your tortoise species has a significant impact on their health. Cleaning and maintaining their environment may not be the most fun part of your pet tortoise, but it’s very important and part of being a responsible tortoise owner.

Best Wireless Tortoise Thermometer / Hygrometer

SensorPush HT1

A newer entry for tortoise owners is the HT1 from SensorPush. For those who want to meaure temperature and humidity from a distance with data logging, this is an excellent purchase for the price. The fact that the sensing module resists water makes it great for higher humidity environments.

Best Analog Tortoise Thermometer / Hygrometer

ReptiZoo Dual Gauge

Analog hygrometers under $100 are notoriously difficult to get super accurate readings. So, for the price, the ReptiZoo Dual Gauge thermometer and hygrometer gives you peace of mind that temperature and humidity are in the proper range. While we’ve moved on to digital sensors, this one worked well for us.

Tortoise Toys and Enrichment Accessories

For both indoor and outdoor tortoises, their habitat is critical to their development, health, and well-being. Tortoises, like all captive animals, need enrichment to stimulate them, bring interest, and provide opportunities for natural behaviors. We add and remove some enrichment

Best Small Tortoise Hide

Flexible Hide

The extra-large flexible wood hideout is our pick for the best small tortoise hide for enclosures. The kiln-dried wood is connected via wires that give flexibility in the horizontal direction. One thing we love about this hide is it can also be used as a ramp, tunnel, or even accommodate larger tortoises by placing each side on top of rocks giving it more height.

Flexible wood small tortoise hide

Hutches & Enclosures

Food And Snacks


Echeveria (Hens and Chicks)
Latin Name: Echeveria spp.

Latin Name: Haworthia spp.

Heartleaf Iceplant (Baby Sun Rose; Aptenia)
Latin Name: Aptenia cordifolia