Praying Mantis Size and Environment Charts

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It is so hard to find reliable quantifiable information about praying mantids in a single place. That’s why our team has compiled the size, color, and environmental needs for over 18 different mantis species and published them here.

Let’s get to the data.

Praying Mantis Species Size Chart

Praying Mantis SpeciesLength (in)Length(cm)
Bolbe pygmea – (Smallest Praying Mantis Speciea)0.471.2
Gambian Spotted-Eye Mantis – Pseudoharpax virescens1.23
Egyptian Pygmy Mantis – Miomantis paykullii1.23
Metallyticus splendidus1.23
Indian Flower Mantis – Creobroter pictipennis1.64
Ghost mantis – Phyllocrania paradoxa2.05
Spiny Flower Mantis – Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii2.05
Thistle Mantis – Blepharopsis mendica2.46
Carolina mantis – Stagmomantis carolina2.46
Orchid Mantis – Hymenopus coronatus2.87
Unicorn Mantis – Pseudovates arizonae2.87
Budwing Mantis – Parasphendale affinis2.87
African Mantis – Sphodromantis lineola3.18
Sphodromantis baccettii – From 903pets.com3.18
European Mantis – Mantis religiosa3.18
Dead Leaf Mantis – Deroplatys desiccata3.59
Giant Asian Mantis – Hierodula membranacea3.59
Chinese Mantis – Tenodera sinensis3.59
Devils Flower Mantis – Idolomantis diabolica3.910
Wandering Violin Mantis – Gongylus gongylodes3.910
Giant Rainforest (Australian) Mantis – Hierodula majuscula4.311
Praying Mantis Species Size Chart –

Praying Mantis Size Environment and Color Charts

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Praying Mantis Species Temperature & Humidity Chart

Mantis SpeciesTemp (F)Temp (C)Humidity (%)
Bolbe pygmea
Gambian Spotted-Eye Mantis – Pseudoharpax virescens68-8620-3050-70
Egyptian Pygmy Mantis – Miomantis paykullii64.4-8618-3040-50
Metallyticus splendidus77-8625-3060-70
Indian Flower Mantis – Creobroter pictipennis73.4-8623-3060-80
Ghost mantis – Phyllocrania paradoxa68-8620-3060-90
Spiny Flower Mantis – Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii68-8620-3050-60
Thistle Mantis – Blepharopsis mendica86-10430-4030-40
Carolina mantis – Stagmomantis carolina66.2-71.619-2240-50
Orchid Mantis – Hymenopus coronatus77-8625-3060-80
Unicorn Mantis – Pseudovates arizonae75.2-91.424-3340-50
Budwing Mantis – Parasphendale affinis75.2-8624-3040-50
African Mantis – Sphodromantis lineola71.6-8622-3050-60
Sphodromantis baccettii69.8-8621-3050-60
European Mantis – Mantis religiosa73.4-82.423-2840-65
Dead Leaf Mantis – Deroplatys desiccata73.4-9523-3550-80
Giant Asian Mantis – Hierodula membranacea62.6-75.217-2440-65
Chinese Mantis – Tenodera sinensis71.6-8622-3040-50
Devils Flower Mantis – Idolomantis diabolica89.6-10432-4060-80
Wandering Violin Mantis – Gongylus gongylodes86-10430-4030-40
Giant Rainforest (Australian) Mantis – Hierodula majuscula

Praying Mantis Color Chart

Mantis SpeciesTypical Color(s)
Bolbe pygmeaBrown, Green
Gambian Spotted-Eye Mantis – Pseudoharpax virescensGreen, Pink, Orange, Red
Egyptian Pygmy Mantis – Miomantis paykulliiGreen, Beige, Brown
Metallyticus splendidusIrridescent, Rainbow
Indian Flower Mantis – Creobroter pictipennisWhite, Brown Green
Ghost mantis – Phyllocrania paradoxaBrown, Green
Spiny Flower Mantis – Pseudocreobotra wahlbergiiWhite, Orange, Green
Thistle Mantis – Blepharopsis mendicaWhite, Beige, Green
Carolina mantis – Stagmomantis carolinaBrown, Green
Orchid Mantis – Hymenopus coronatusPink, White
Unicorn Mantis – Pseudovates arizonaeBrown, Black
Budwing Mantis – Parasphendale affinisBrown, Beige, Yellow, Orange
African Mantis – Sphodromantis lineolaGreen, Brown, Beige
Sphodromantis baccettiiGreen, Yellow
European Mantis – Mantis religiosaGreen
Dead Leaf Mantis – Deroplatys desiccataBrown
Giant Asian Mantis – Hierodula membranaceaGreen, Yellow, Brown
Chinese Mantis – Tenodera sinensisBrown, Green
Devils Flower Mantis – Idolomantis diabolicaBeige, Brown, White Green
Wandering Violin Mantis – Gongylus gongylodesBrown
Giant Rainforest (Australian) Mantis – Hierodula majusculaGreen, Yellow

How Big Do Praying Mantis Get?

Adult praying mantids vary in size from 1 in. to 4 in. (3cm to 10cm) in length with the females typically being larger than the males.

What Temperature Do Praying Mantis Need?

To keep a praying mantis as a pet it is important to keep their habitat at the proper temperature. Depending on the species, temperatures range from 62.6F to 104F (17C to 40C).

What Humidity Do Praying Mantis Need?

Just as important as temperature, humidity is key for praying mantis survival and their ability to thrive. Praying mantis relative humidity levels vary from 30% to 90% depending on the species of mantids you have.

Praying Mantis rely on water droplets to drink what they need. So, be sure to spray the habitat a couple of times per week while managing humidity levels.

Praying Mantis Species Datasheet

SpeciesLength (in)Length (cm)ColorTemp (F)Temp (C)Humidity (%)
Gambian Spotted-Eye Mantis – Pseudoharpax virescens1.23Green, Pink, Orange, Red68-8620-3050-70
Egyptian Pygmy Mantis – Miomantis paykullii1.23Green, Beige, Brown64.4-8618-3040-50
Metallyticus splendidus1.23Irridescent, Rainbow77-8625-3060-70
Indian Flower Mantis – Creobroter pictipennis1.64White, Brown Green73.4-8623-3060-80
Ghost mantis – Phyllocrania paradoxa2.05Brown, Green68-8620-3060-90
Spiny Flower Mantis – Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii2.05White, Orange, Green68-8620-3050-60
Thistle Mantis – Blepharopsis mendica2.46White, Beige, Green86-10430-4030-40
Carolina mantis – Stagmomantis carolina2.46Brown, Green66.2-71.619-2240-50
Orchid Mantis – Hymenopus coronatus2.87Pink, White77-8625-3060-80
Unicorn Mantis – Pseudovates arizonae2.87Brown, Black75.2-91.424-3340-50
Budwing Mantis – Parasphendale affinis2.87Brown, Beige, Yellow, Orange75.2-8624-3040-50
African Mantis – Sphodromantis lineola3.18Green, Brown, Beige71.6-8622-3050-60
Sphodromantis baccettii3.18Green, Yellow69.8-8621-3050-60
European Mantis – Mantis religiosa3.18Green73.4-82.423-2840-65
Dead Leaf Mantis – Deroplatys desiccata3.59Brown73.4-9523-3550-80
Giant Asian Mantis – Hierodula membranacea3.59Green, Yellow, Brown62.6-75.217-2440-65
Chinese Mantis – Tenodera sinensis3.59Brown, Green71.6-8622-3040-50
Devils Flower Mantis – Idolomantis diabolica3.910Beige, Brown, White Green89.6-10432-4060-80
Wandering Violin Mantis – Gongylus gongylodes3.910Brown86-10430-4030-40

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