How Big Do Hamsters Get – Sizes Of All 19 Major Breeds [Tables]

When you go to a store or to someone’s house which has a hamster, that one hamster becomes your reference point for all hamsters. But does that one hamster accurately represent all species of hamsters? You might be surprised.

How big do hamsters get? As a general rule, the typical pet hamster breeds range from 1.8 inches to 7 inches long and weigh 0.7 oz to 6 oz. Non-pet hamster breeds can get as big as 14 inches long and weigh 16oz in the case of the European hamster.

Are there different types of hamsters? Yes, there are 19 different species of hamsters around the world of the subfamily Cricetinae. Each type of hamster has different coloration, lengths, and weights.

How big do hamsters grow breed size chart

Let’s looks at the most recommended hamster pet breeds and the important physical characteristics. Don’t miss the visual chart!

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What Is The Size Of A Specific Hamster Breed?

The smallest hamster is the Roborovski hamster that is only 1.8-2 inches long and weighs 0.7-0.8 oz. The largest hamsters are European hamsters. These giant hamsters can get up to 14 inches in length and weigh a whopping 16 oz. The largest typical pet hamster breed is the Syrian hamster which grows to 7 inches long and 6oz in weight.

As you think about owning a pet hamster, we thought it would be helpful to know the typical sizes of the different hamster breeds. This will help inform the right hamster cage size for you. So, we created the chart below and ordered it from the smallest to the largest hamster breeds.

The bolded breeds below are the typical pet hamster breeds.

Hamster BreedLength (in)Length (cm)Weight (oz)Weight (g)
Roborovski Hamster1.7-2 in4.4-5 cm0.6-0.9 oz18-28 g
Dwarf Campbell’s Russian Hamster2-4 in5-10 cm1.4-2 oz40-60 g
Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster2.7-3.5 in6.8-9 cm2.5-3.2 oz70-90 g
Chinese Striped Hamster2.8-4.6 in7-12 cm0.7-1.2 oz20-35 g
Sokolov’s Hamster3-4.5 in7.7-11.4 cm0.8-1.2 oz22-35 g
Chinese (Rat) Hamster3.2-5 in5-13 cm1-1.6 oz30-45 g
Armenian (Grey Dwarf) Hamster3.3-4.7 in8.4-12 cm1-2 oz30-60 g
Lesser Long-Tailed Hamster3.4-5.3 in8.6-13.5 cm1.2-1.7 oz35-50 g
Tibetan Hamster3.5-4.4 in9-11 cm1.2-1.6 oz35-45 g
Ladak Hamster3.5-5 in9-13 cm1.2-1.6 oz35-45 g
Greater Long-Tailed Hamster4-6 in10-15 cm1.4-2 oz40-55 g
Eversmann’s (Kazahk) Hamster5-6 in13-15 cm2.3-2.6 oz65-75 g
Mongolian Hamster5-6 in13-15 cm2.3-2.6 oz65-75 g
Gansu Hamster5-6 in13-15 cm2.3-2.6 oz65-75 g
Syrian Hamster5-7 in13-18 cm5-6 oz145-170 g
Turkish (Brandt’s) Hamster5-7 in13-18 cm5-6 oz145-170 g
Romanian Hamster6-7 in15-18 cm2.8-4 oz80-115 g
Ciscaucasian Hamster9-11 in23-28 cm2-3.7 oz60-105 g
European Hamster8-14 in20-35 cm7.8-16 oz220-460 g
Hamster Breed Size Chart – Height and Weight

Hamster Size Chart Visual Infographic

Hamster size chart infographic for pet hamster species.

Scientific Genus Species Of Hamsters

If you are really getting into learning about hamsters, kudos! They are adorable and fascinating.

Pardon me for being a bit geeky here, but hamsters are rodents which means they are in the animal order Rodentia. They are in the subfamily Cricetinae and are identified as 19 unique species in 7 genera.

Check this Genus / Species listing. I made it easy to copy, paste and print, just in case.

Subfamily Cricetinae

Genus Allocricetulus
    Species A. curtatus—Mongolian hamster
    Species A. eversmanni—Eversmann's or Kazakh hamster
Genus Cansumys
    Species C. canus—Gansu hamster
Genus Cricetulus
    Species C. alticola—Tibetan dwarf or Ladak hamster
    Species C. barabensis, including "C. pseudogriseus" and "C. obscurus"—Chinese striped hamster, aka. Chinese hamster; striped dwarf hamster
    Species C. griseus—Chinese (dwarf) hamster, aka. rat hamster
    Species C. kamensis—Kam dwarf hamster or Tibetan hamster
    Species C. longicaudatus—long-tailed dwarf hamster
    Species C. migratorius—grey dwarf hamster, Armenian hamster, migratory grey hamster; grey hamster; migratory hamster
    Species C. sokolovi—Sokolov's dwarf hamster
Genus Cricetus
    Species C. cricetus—European hamster, aka. common hamster, black-bellied field hamster
Genus Mesocricetus—golden hamsters
    Species M. auratus—golden or Syrian hamster
    Species M. brandti—Turkish hamster, aka. Brandt's hamster; Azerbaijani hamster
    Species M. newtoni—Romanian hamster
    Species M. raddei—Ciscaucasian hamster
Genus Phodopus—dwarf hamsters
    Species P. campbelli—Campbell's dwarf hamster
    Species P. roborovskii—Roborovski hamster
    Species P. sungorus—Djungarian hamster or winter-white Russian dwarf hamster
Genus Tscherskia
    Species T. triton—greater long-tailed hamster, aka. Korean hamster

Are Hamster Breeds Good As Pets?

No, not all breeds of hamsters will make a good pet. In fact, out of all 19 species of hamsters, only 5 are typically domesticated as pets. The hamster breeds that are best fas pets are the Syrian, Chinese, Winter White, Campbell, and Roborovski hamsters.

When you are purchasing a hamster from a pet store, a reputable breeder, or rescuing one, the pet hamster breeds are typically what you will find. Be sure to create an appropriately sized environment and buy an enclosure that provides plenty of room.

Most hamster breeds like to burrow so in order to have a happy pet hamster, you’ll want to ensure the right amount of bedding. We’ve got you covered with an article that explains everything you need to know about hamster bedding depth.

How big is a full-grown dwarf hamster? Dwarf hamsters grow to 1.7 to 4 inches (5.5 to 10.5 cm) long and weigh 0.6 to 3.2 ounces (18 to 90 g).

How long does it take a hamster to grow full size? Hamsters are fully grown at around 3 months old (2.7 to 3.8 months). At this stage of life, hamsters are nearly full size in length and weight while also being sexually mature and able to reproduce.

What breed is my hamster? Identifying the breed of a random hamster is a bit of guesswork for a novice. Observe the following traits to compare against breed guidelines: tail presence, size, weight, coloration, fur length. Remember that male hamsters will be larger than females of the same breed, except for Syrians which can be just the opposite.

How do you speed up a baby hamster’s growth rate? Really?!?! Hamsters already mature fast becoming adults in just 3 months. The best way to help your baby hamsters grow quickly is to provide them with high-quality food with a balanced diet in a large, well-accessorized habitat. Make them happy.

What is the largest hamster? The largest hamster is the European hamster, Cricetus cricetus, which can grow to 14″ (35cm) long, plus a 2.36″ (6cm) tail, and can weigh up to 16oz (460g).

If you think your pet is ill, call a vet immediately. All health-related questions should be referred to your veterinarian. They can examine your pet, understand its health history, and make well informed recommendations for your pet. Staff

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