The Ultimate Guide To Hamster Names [2021]

Hamsters are an animal that most people find to be cute and cuddly. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Hamsters can make a great pet for children or adults.

But what do you call that furry rascal? It is important to properly name your hamster so they don’t feel lonely and confused about their identity.

How To Name Your Pet Hamster

There are several common approaches to naming your hamster including favorite things, favorite people (real or fictional), name meanings, and quirky traits.

The Ultimate Guide To Hamster Names [2021]

The most important thing to remember is that you do not need to rush when picking out a name for your furry companion. Much like naming a person, take time to find a name that has a story behind it and your hamster won’t mind growing up with it.

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Let’s jump into the list so you can find the perfect name for your boy or girl hamster.

Personal Experience

List any names that you have heard of from people who have owned hamsters in the past, from TV shows/movies, or anything else.

This can be a great starting point. Here are some examples

  1. Darth Vader
  2. Bart Simpson
  3. Karma
  4. Mr. Spock
  5. Wooly Mammoth (Wooly, Wooster, WooMoth)
  6. Harley Quinn
  7. Zippy Little Cheese Nibbler
  8. Toast
  9. Cheeky Chappie (chapstick, chapflap, cheeky, chappie)
  10. Snoopy
  11. Bugs – As in Bugs Bunny
  12. Hedwig – as in Hedwig, Harry Potter’s pet owl. Perfect for an intelligent hamster that loves to explore its surroundings.
  13. Cousin Daisy
  14. Uncle Orville Joseph Wufflesbottom III (Wuf)
  15. Grandma Marge
  16. List any favorite things that you enjoy. This could be food, drink, object, etc.
  17. Oreo – A hamster and chocolate is sure to brighten your day! ( i know it should be in the food category but I just LOVE Oreos~)
  18. Rick Roll – Lol! Great name for a tumbling male hamster.
  19. Walter White
  20. Michael Scott – Come on Office fans.
  21. Dwight Schrute – Had to. Just had to. 🙂
  22. Sheldon – As in Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory.


Hamsters are known for being furry creatures that love to eat food. Here are some names based on food terms.

  1. Biscuits – A hamster who loves to eat his or her favorite treat.
  2. Muffin – A hamster with a round, fluffy tummy.
  3. Caffeinated Cathy/Carl – An energetic, ready for more coffee-looking, hamster.
  4. Cookie – A hamster with a classic, old-school name.
  5. Peanut Butter and Jelly – A hamster that has two favorite foods in one.
  6. Sandwich – A popular food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  7. Pancake – A round, fluffy hamster who loves to eat pancakes for breakfast. (No, just kidding)
  8. Muffin – A hamster with a round, fluffy tummy.
  9. Pizza – A hamster that has a cheesy name to match its cheesy fur.
  10. Burger/Bun/Topping – Any combination of these words makes the perfect food-inspired name for a hamster.
  11. Sasparilla
  12. Nacho – A hamster with a cheesy personality.
  13. Chips – A hamster who loves snacks and is always in a good mood.
  14. Coffee – An energetic, friendly, caffeine-loving hamster.
  15. Rootbeer Float – A bubbly hamster who is always down to chill and drink root beer floats.
  16. Cinnamon – This hamster will always bring warmth and spice into your life. And they sure love cinnamon!
  17. Ketchup/Mustard – Who says you can’t name your hamster after condiments?
  18. Sugar – A sweet little hamster with a heart of gold.
  19. Apple – a sweet and crunchy name for a hamster.

Personality Types

Personality types are a great way to get ideas for hamster names. Here are some examples of popular personality types that can help you find the perfect name.


Named for their love of staying cozy and spending time alone.

  1. Bashful
  2. Introster – Introverted hamsters get odd names.
  3. Suspicious Sam/Sally
  4. Lone Ranger
  5. Reluctant Roberta/Ricky
  6. Timster – The timid hamster
  7. Wary Waldo
  8. Coy Cathy/
  9. Carl
  10. Gruff Gramps
  11. Eccentric Einstein
  12. Charlie Brown – Always worried about his kite.
  13. Beethoven – A musical, wise hamster.
  14. Cautious Cassie – as in Casanova.
  15. Yoda – Star Wars classic, didn’t speak much and certainly spoke weird, but “much listen Yoda speak”


The name of your hamster can describe their spirit animal. Here are some examples.

  1. Rascal (rascally) – a hamster who is always getting into mischief and getting himself in trouble.
  2. Paddington – named after our favorite fun-loving bear.
  3. Curious George
  4. Bold Belinda/Bob
  5. Fireball – as in Daring Fireball (extra points to the geeks who know what I’m talking about)
  6. Reckless Rick
  7. Venturous Vanessa
  8. Hazardous Hank
  9. Intrepid Ike
  10. Bad Bunny – You’ll have to watch Easter cartoons to understand this one.
  11. Galileo – For the hamsters that just want to explore and learn new things about their world.
  12. Indiana Jones – A curious, thrill-seeking, adventurer.
  13. Nemo – After the fish in “Finding Nemo.” A friendly little hamster who likes to explore the world around them.
  14. Blade Runner (Bryte)
  15. Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones has a place in a hamster cage. Mother of Dragons.
  16. Captain Jack – Or to be precise, Captain Jack Sparrow.
  17. Katniss – An adventurous soul is Katniss Everdeen
  18. Ethan Hunt


Named for their hatred of Mondays, sarcasm and the general temper tantrums they throw.

  1. Crotchety Clara/
  2. Clarence
  3. Enraged Ethel/Ethan
  4. Fuming Frank/Frances
  5. Clementine – not angry, annoyed or spiteful. Just a bit cranky.
  6. Fidgety Frank/Frances
  7. Grouchy Gus
  8. Grumpy Graham
  9. Jittery Jane/Joe
  10. Edgy Elmo/Elsa
  11. Nippy Nala – as in Simba’s best friend from Disney’s The Lion King.
  12. Grouch (Gus) – Named for their love of digging and pushing anything in their way.
  13. Territorial Tom/Tammy
  14. Vengeful Vanessa – not to be confused with the Adventurous hamster, who is also full of life.
  15. Hateful Hamlet
  16. Spiteful Sam/Sally
  17. Snarky Snickers
  18. Tony Soprano – All the other hamsters listen to Tony.
  19. Oscar The Grouch
  20. Bride/Uma – If you saw Kill Bill, you know who The Bride is. Revenge much?


Named for their love of napping and snoozing. Think about a Saturday morning, a rainy day, or a cozy fire in the middle of winter. Here are some names to get you started.

  1. Exhausted Emily P Hamster
  2. Lazy Leo or Sloth Louie – for the cute and cuddly dreamer.
  3. Relaxed Rodney/Radar – a hamster who always looks relaxed and calm.
  4. Mellow Milo (mellow out)
  5. Penny – A classic name for a sweet, quiet hamster.
  6. Whisper William (whispering willow)
  7. Tired Ted – You’ll doze off often with a name like this.
  8. Snoozing Snickers
  9. Napoleon (Napolean Dynamite) – it’s hard to get him up in the morning.
  10. Relaxed Rodney/Radar – lovers of sleep and relaxation.
  11. Basking Beau/Belle
  12. Snoozy Snickers
  13. Bean – A cute, furry hamster that loves to sleep.
  14. Zzzz Zebra – Every time you look at them they’re in a deep slumber.
  15. Sleepy Spot – For that hamster with multiple colorations.
  16. Naptime Nibbles
  17. Totoro – Studio Gibli fans unite!
  18. Rip Van Winkle
  19. Sleepy Jean – The Monkees sang Daydream Believer
  20. Sandman
  21. Peter Fox


These hamsters are always going and doing things. They don’t know how to quit!

  1. Zippy Little Cheese Nibbler (Zippy, Zipster, Zipper)
  2. Road Runner – An old cartoon character.
  3. Speedy
  4. Sally (from Nightmare Before Christmas) – energetic and adventurous
  5. Whiskers (or Whiskers McGee if you want to get technical)
  6. Jumpy Jerry (jumping bean)
  7. Energy Bunny or Energetic Bunny – as in Energizer batteries.
  8. Batteries/Nine Volt/Double-A – any battery terms could be fantastic
  9. Swift Samantha/Sammy – Fast and swift like the wind.
  10. Whirlwind Whitney – Perfect for a hamster that is going 100 miles per hour.
  11. Breezy Barbara/Benjamin
  12. Fidgety Frank/Frances
  13. Buzz – Buzz The Bee from Honey Nut Cheerios commercials, Buz Aldren, or Buzz Lightyear.
  14. Ace – a strong, fast, little hamster.
  15. Rushin’ Ryan
  16. Jet – Fast and speedy just like the airplane.
  17. Racing Rachael/ Ralph – they’re ready for anything that gets in their way!
  18. Sparky – who doesn’t like lightning? A mischievous hamster that is full of life and energy! (a human interpretation of the personality type.
  19. Carlton – Carlton Banks of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Remember that dance!?!?!?
  20. Bazinga – Another Sheldon Cooper reference. What a cool hamster name!


There is a type of humor for everyone, so what makes you laugh or giggle about your pet hamster?

  1. Funny Bunny – hamsters that are anything but funny.
  2. Jokester Jason
  3. Punster Penny or Penelope
  4. Comedian Carl/Carol
  5. Snorty Snickers
  6. Smiley Sam/Sally – always smiling and happy.
  7. Happy Harry/ Harriet – an upbeat hamster.
  8. Nifty Nellie or Natty Neville – for speedy, spry little guys who are always doing neat things.
  9. Playful/Playster
  10. Curly Carl/Carol
  11. Hocus Pocus – another magic-themed name
  12. Ticklish Tabitha
  13. Joking Jeff or Jokey Jeffrey
  14. Lovable Little Lenny – A classic name with class!
  15. Bubbly Betty
  16. Tribbiani – After the Joey Tribiani character on the hit show Friends.
  17. Spongebob/Patrick
  18. River Song – More Dr. Who for you to keep calm about.

Quirky Traits

Hamsters with quirky or odd personalities should be recognized with a unique name.

  1. Rainbow Dash – this hamster loves to race and run around the cage.
  2. Cookie Monster – this hamster chomps down on his or her food like they can’t get enough.
  3. Mr. Bump  – a plump hamster who bumps into things or just likes to have soft landings on his backside.
  4. Luna Lovegood – as in Luna, the quirky character from Harry Potter.
  5. The Doctor – Come on Dr. Who fans.
  6. Moe – as in Moe, Curly and Larry of the Three Stooges. This hamster has a little swagger like those boys.
  7. Limpy/Limping – a hamster with a wonky walk or just enough of a limp to be cute.
  8. Tweedledee and Tweedledum – very similar names that go together well.
  9. Creamsicle – orange and white color scheme is really popping.
  10. Bubble Gum – this hamster is always chewing on something.
  11. Punky Power – The hamster with an attitude.
  12. Rambo (Bullseye) – The hamster who has to save the world, even inside of his cage
  13. Gollum – Yes, Gollum is a bit quirky I think. “Precious”
  14. Geek Girl or Geek Guy (nerd glasses optional)
  15. Brains Bonham – for a hamster with brains.
  16. Mystic Merlin – A hamster with mystical, powerful abilities that are rarely seen.
  17. Cheeky Chops Charlie – this one just sounds rascally.
  18. Bananaman – As in Bananaman, the British superhero who gained his powers from eating bananas.
  19. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs – the hamster that eats too many snacks.
  20. Skippy Squirrel- this hamster loves to run around and climb up the bars of the cage.
  21. Sly Sly
  22. Grace – for a hamster who is dainty, elegant and well-mannered
  23. Ringmaster Rufus/Rita– A hamster who likes to entertain.
  24. Cirque du Soleil – This hamster is always tumbling or jumping around.
  25. Silly Sally/Sam/Sarah, Fairy Floss (fluffy) Snowflake, Sunshine – They are all sweet little hamsters that have some quirks to them.
  26. Peculiar Penny/Penelope
  27. Oddball Odie
  28. Eleven – Anyone watch “Stranger Things”?
  29. Philip J. Fry – Futurama fame.
  30. Gilligan – Rounding out the top 30 with Gilligan of Gilligan’s Island fame. Way way back machine.

Titled or Regal

  1. Princess Pamela – A hamster with a regal name.
  2. King/Queen/Royal – If your hamster is the boss around their cage, give them an appropriate name.
  3. Baron (Baroness) – The noblest of all names goes to this little guy or gal.
  4. Exalted Excalibur – A noble hamster who always likes to dress up in a cape.
  5. Cleopatra – For an elegant little female.
  6. Maleficent or Ursula – for the villainous ones.
  7. Gaston – muscular, strong and likes the ladies.
  8. Draco – a great name for a hamster who is always bullying other hamsters.
  9. Snow White
  10. Belle (Beauty) – An old-fashioned name or an actual Disney reference.
  11. Tinkerbell – A fairy-like name for a cute little girl.
  12. Duke/Dutchess
  13. Noble Nimbus – For a hamster that likes to hang around the top of the cage, especially near the top.
  14. Dutiful Dexter/Desdemona – These are all great names for a well-behaved little guy or gal.
  15. Manners Mary – a hamster who is polite and follows the rules.
  16. Chanticleer – A name from a fable about a rooster that thinks he’s better than everyone else, including The Sun.
  17. Royalty Ruby/Rosalind/Rosa  – these are all little ladies who have an air of royalty about them.
  18. Handsome Hamish/Harley – a hamster with the perfect name.
  19. Bernard – for a hamster who is able to complete their daily hamster wheel run faster than all of his or her buddies.

Disney Hamster Names (Inspired By)

  1. Perdita, Lucky, Pepper, Patch, Wag, Spiff, or any of the other 101 Dalmatians names.
  2. Rhino – Remember the film Bolt?
  3. Pua – Who can resist this little pig character in the movie Moana
  4. Bruno – As in Uncle Bruno (voiced by John Leguizamo) from the movie Encanto. Bruno is also the name of the dog in Cinderella.
  5. Olaf – Come on, the best snowman ever from Frozen
  6. Stitch – One of our favorite movies. Got two hamsters, name one Lilo and the other Stitch. Or how about the name Experiment 626? Lol! Love that one.
  7. Totoro – From the Studio Ghibli movie, Totoro. Absolutely beautiful film. Or name your hamster Catbus. 🙂
  8. Mochi – It’s the cat’s name from Big Hero 6.
  9. Gaston – From the classic Beauty and the Beast.
  10. Ariel – Our beloved Little Mermaid. Or perhaps some of the other characters like Sebastian, Ursula, or Scuttle.


After reading this article, you should be able to find the perfect name for your hamster. Whether it’s one of these personality-based names or a more regal title like King/Queen/Royal or Exalted Excalibur, there is something here that will work well for any furry friend in need of an identity.

If you think your pet is ill, call a vet immediately. All health-related questions should be referred to your veterinarian. They can examine your pet, understand its health history, and make well informed recommendations for your pet. Staff

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